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Whenever I get the chance to present my work publicly, I’m always honored and humbled by the opportunity. I’ve been working as a photographer professionally for over two years now. As hard as it is to get noticed, it’s even harder to be exhibited. I’m very excited to present my most recent work at the upcoming RAWartists “Kaleidoscope” showcase, on June 23, 2013 at Penn Social. Being a part of this show means identifying with the RAWartists philosophy, which is to promote independent, underground, new and emerging artists.

In 2009, Heidi Luerra birthed RAW after realizing there weren’t any real outlets for underground and unknown artists. She put together an art showcase in Los Angeles, California with multiple artists from different backgrounds. After much success with the first showcase, she expanded the company into southern California, and eventually across the country and worldwide. Daraja Asili is the D.C. Director.

Now one wouldn’t think that I’d have any worries displaying my work in this showcase considering I had my first art showing (The Love Showcase) back in March, but this is on a bigger level. “Kaleidoscope” will feature artists from all avenues including fashion, hair, makeup, visual art, performing art, photography, and film. This showcase is about placing myself, among others, on a platform bigger than I could ever imagine. “Kaleidoscope” is a platform for promoting all arts and artists from all walks of life — from the technically trained to the self taught, from first-time exhibitors to seasoned professionals.

Until now, I’ve been working and promoting myself on my own. It makes it a lot easier when you have a support system –like RAWartists– behind you. However, knowing that I’ll be featured among other artists can be a little intimidating. My main hope is to show that I’m more than just a fashion and event photographer. I want my images to show that “I capture moments”, instead of just taking pics.

I draw inspiration from almost everything in life, and there’s variety in what I’m showing in Kaleidoscope. I’m showing images from DC, NYC, and even my family hometown Pacelot, South Carolina. Choosing which images to put on display is never an easy task, because all of my pictures are like.. well, my babies. My Kaleidoscope images are slightly different from my first showcase, because those pictures focused on my love for DC, love for NYC, and the first love story of Adam and Eve. These images are candid moments, and my scenic work. I try to choose images that speak to the soul, images that will spark a conversation, or better yet images that are just plain dope!

Love On a Train, Black and White Photo (c) Linwood Davis, 2012
Love On a Train, Black and White Photo (c) Linwood Davis, 2012

The image “Love on a Train” displays one of those candid moments you rarely get to see, at least not through a camera lens. I took this picture because it captures that unconditional love.. that “I don’t wanna be with anybody else right now but you” kind of love. Another image, “A Stranger Amongst Friends”, I like because while everyone else in the park was laughing and mocking this man, he was in his own little world not caring at all. I took time to notice how he was communicating with the birds as if they were his companions, he even had names for them. He may have been a stranger to me, but he was definitely in the presence of friends.

Growing as an artist is very important to me because I’m always evolving into a better version of me. I want my photography to speak for itself one day, instead of me speaking for my work. I know this showcase will push my career as a photographer to new heights, I just hope and pray I’m ready for whatever comes my way.

Wood D (Linwood Davis, Jr.) is a DMV-based photographer featured in the upcoming RAWartists “Kaleidoscope” showcase. Wood has been doing photography professionally for two years now, but always had an artistic eye from a young age. Wood loves photography because it gives the creative freedom he needs to truly express himself artistically. Not only does he enjoy capturing moments, but he also enjoys the satisfaction of knowing he has helped other people (models, designers, makeup artists) fulfill their dreams as well. Wood feels a sense of calmness and serenity behind the lens.

More information about the next upcoming event can be found at Make sure when you buy tickets you select “Wood D the Photog” as the artist to support.

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