Two Poems by Allen Ebert

Happy Birthday, Old Man! Every birthday I weigh less. I’m down to the last hole on my belt. There’s more hair in the clothes dryer, than on my head. If I hold my sharp...

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Chino Latino by Dana Tai Soon Burgess

Dana Tai Soon Burgess writes about the development of his new dance piece - Chino Latino - and the work's roots in his experiences as a teenager in Santa Fe.

What is Dance? by Elizabeth Harler

Dance is a lot of work. Liz Harler collects artistic whims and puts them into a neat, ordered tabular format.

What Do We Need From Our Teachers by Cem Catbas

Artistic Director of the Baltimore Ballet writes about what students need from teachers.

Two Poems by William Tinto

Awakening in Poesy Town This morning I rose from my bed, as if from between the sheets of the New Yorker, the world random as free verse. Today...

Jazz Dance by Doug Yeuell

In many ways, we truly don't want to define Jazz dance; we want to live it, to feel it, to move with it.

Three Poems by Ryan Quinn Flanagan

Blonde Hair Hides as much as Killed Stories No one comes over and you imagine yourself some squeaky clean museumwith the floors waxed nightly out...

Take Me to the River By Richard L. Dana

At the end of May I'll be going to Montevideo to participate in a collaborative project with six Uruguayan visual artists. Coming with me...

Two Poems by Aaron Caycedo-Kimura

Small City Symphony The manager rushes in late, celloin one hand, orchestra foldersin the other. How can we start on timeif you’re not here? the...

Two Poems by Megan Alpert

Island She would cry every time we put her in the carriage. That was all right, and the way I had to lean sideways to...

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