Hypnotic Cats and Hairy Legs by Michelle Goldchain






At the moment, I’m working on three creative projects. First, I’m experimenting with new mediums, including yarn, string, wax, and even household products (like honey.) I haven’t produced anything in particular yet, just exploring the materials. One thing on my mind is that I want to create self-portraits in atypical ways. In one artwork I’m working on it shows my legs, drawn in marker, with gestural lines quivering around the outlines. I hope with these self-portraits I can express my feelings—frustrations or fears—without being too overt, or obvious.

I have no one art style. My themes—like my mediums— vary. In any given month I work on a variety of pieces, and frequently each artwork has a different mindset, and intent. From political, to psychological, to eccentric, my paintings, installations, and graphic design projects touch a myriad of topics, colors, and textures. Through some I’m expressing my more playful side—for instance the hypnotic cats series—and through others a darker side – for instance my portraits of serial killers.

One of the things I’m working on right now is a children’s book. I’ve written the book, and am working on the illustrations. The main character is female child who has a kitten that refuses to allow hugs or kisses, and seems to never purr when in contact with others. I hope the book will affirm that physical boundaries can be a good thing, even a way to show love (and respect) to others. Through compromise, friendships—not just with cats, but humans—can become stronger.

Hypnotic Cat #2 by Michelle Goldchain, 2017

I spend part of each day in my work as a journalist. For several years I’ve been a writer/editor of the Curbed blog in DC, part of a national Curbed news network. I’m also a freelance writer and photographer, and am regularly doing that work. When making my art I almost always do it in my home, but the time of day varies. Depending on my writing/photography schedule, I sometimes have time in the day, sometimes the afternoon, sometimes at night. I live in a one bedroom where I’ve been for three years and have a studio set up in the living room, but work wherever I can.

Combining my work as a journalist and art-maker, I’ve just launched a YouTube show that presents art news in a laidback, accessible way. My hope is to reach those who are unfamiliar with, and typically uninterested in, what’s going on in the art world. I hope to be able to help others understand why art, especially contemporary art, is so exciting.

Michelle Goldchain

Michelle Goldchain is a D.C. based artist. Her themes – like her mediums — vary. From the political to the psychological to the eccentric, Michelle’s paintings, installations, and graphic design projects touch a myriad of topics, colors, and textures. Through her artworks, she dares to express her more playful side through vibrant colors and textures as well as her darker side in less pleasant themes, such as serial killers and cigarette usage. To see more of her artworks, head to www.amgoldchainart.com. You can find her YouTube show, Artsplained, about the fun and fantastic the art at DownHillMedia – bit.ly/downhillmedia.

This article was created as part of the BloomBars: imPrint project, a publication series connected to an exhibition at the Gallery at Bloombars April 14 – May 5, 2018.

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