Two Poems by TA Harrison






This Planet

Let me live here in this place
Let me thrive just once
On this imagined planet
This alternative mental dimension called dream
Called hallucination
Where streets are dotted with phantasmagoria
Where people speak honestly
A place where the women are built for speed
Their bodies always rocking
Their passion always exposed
Always raw
And the whisky lives comfortably on my lips forever

The Swirling

We swirl around this marble until somebody
Or something
Or both
Make sense
Until we feel reciprocation of some kind
Warmth of body or spirit
Invigoration of the loins
Stimulation of the heart
And a lucky few
Very few
Find both and transcend all of this
These schedules and deadlines
These bills, bullies, and bosses
All the things manufactured
Leaving behind the illusion of civilization
Living eternally in what can only be called a dream
A fantasy to you and me

TA Harrison is a writer and philosopher on the autism spectrum. A world traveler, a veteran of combat, the product of an impoverished Midwestern home, TA has lived the life his poetry beautifully paints.

Image: Iuherath, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

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