Four Poems by David Lott






pastry case

the pastry case

is an aquarium of still lifes

where works of pain au chocolat float

alongside those of éclair and chouquette

to begin to make one yours

you don’t need a fishing net

or a seat at Christie’s

or language, even

just stand outside the glass and point


the pandemic

had put parades

on pause

yet I happened to glimpse

several red-uniformed

men and women

stepping peppily as one

from the dark mouth of a carwash and into the bright sunshine

while escorting to the curb

a big, dark blue, newly-rinsed Lincoln

that they were drying briskly

with fluttering white handtowels

it was a surreal

5-second slice

of a 4th of July

a mini-reenactment

of something that in no way should have felt historical

it came and went with an eeriness

still…I almost stuck around for the next car

dreamt (#417)

dreamt I was starring in an info-mercial

except on closer examination

it was an in-poem-ercial

instead of selling exercise equipment

to enhance the physique

I was all about the metaphysique

hawking haiku

slinging sonnets

unloading odes

vending villanelles

peddling pantoums

you get the picture

at the end

I rode off into the sunset

on a ghazal

on the wing

it’s asking too much

to be the Yvan Cournoyer

of poems

yet the stick-handling

in gliding the stylus

across the smooth glass of this tablet

allows for dreams

David Lott’s poems have appeared in Beltway Poetry Quarterly, Arlington Literary Journal, Arete, Light, Closed Eye Open, the anthology This is What America Looks Like, and his bilingual collection New to Guayama/Nuevos en Guayama. He is an associate editor at Potomac Review and poetry editor at The Sligo Journal, both sponsored by Montgomery College, where he has taught English language and literature since 1992.

Image: Mudflattop, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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